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/ˌeləˈment(ə)rē/: adjective straightforward and uncomplicated


Welcome to Elementary, West House Studio’s line of home products that favor order over chaos. Curated to create intentional and uncomplicated spaces, Elementary celebrates the art of home in simple form. Bridging the gap between form and function, this collection shifts the focus from decorated to designed.

Our Why

The state of your home and mental well-being are closely intertwined. Studies show that visual clutter can affect your anxiety levels, sleep patterns, ability to focus, and can lessen productivity. Our physical environments influence our cognition and emotions, including relationships and overall health. In contrast, a streamlined home can boost happiness, decrease stress, encourage better sleep patterns, heighten focus, and increase productivity.

What We Stand For

At Elementary, our goal is simple: to streamline home with stylish and sustainable products. We believe that our homes should be a refuge from the outside world and our foundation lies on that principle.

Home in simple form.

Collection List


Organization Services

Accountability Coaching

1:1 coaching sessions to guide you through home organization at your pace. One of our professional organizers will meet with you hourly once a week to guide you through the organizing process and assign homework to be completed by you. We offer virtual or on-site coaching!

Full-Service Home Organization

Complete home organization by one of our professional organizers or team of organizers to take your space from chaos to disciplined order through systematic processes that are easy to implement and continue. On-site only. Priced per space/project.

Need Design Help?

Visit our design studio to connect to one of our stylists. 

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